Terms of Transport

These Terms of Transport are the conditions under which Serbia Tours International Ltd. transports all passengers and their property. These conditions will apply to each ticket issued by Serbia Tours International, as well as to every contract of transport made between passengers and Serbia Tours International. For each passenger who uses the services of Serbia Tours International, it will be considered that he agrees with these Terms and of transport.

Special notes

Tickets purchased from other operators - We draw to your attention that if you don't buy tickets directly from us or from our official agents, then all your possible complaints must be directed at the subcontractor agency, or agent, that sold you those tickets and has a contract with you.

Overview of additional fees

We draw to your attention that we may charge additional fees on top of the purchase price of the ticket. Current tariffs per person are as follows: There are no additional fees at this time.

1. Transportation services

1.1 Transport of children and youth

We will not be obliged to transport any child under 16 years of age unless the child is accompanied by a guardian of 18 years or older. We will not be obliged to transport persons aged 16 or 17 years, unless they are accompanied by a guardian of 18 years or older, or if they have a letter of authorization written by a parent or guardian.

1.2 Your ticket

Ticket constitutes proof of our contract to transport you or take care of your transport. The ticket is our property and you will have to return it to us on our request. If your ticket is bought by someone else, you will agree that the person who bought the ticket is your agent. Ticket can be used by only one person whose name appears on it. Ticket can not be transferred nor is it can be used by any other person. Your ticket must contain your full name, otherwise, it will not be valid for travel.

1.3 Validity of your ticket

  1. Travel route: You can travel only on the routes your ticket is issued for.
  2. Period during which your ticket is valid: Your round-trip ticket is valid for six months after the date of your first travel with this ticket.

1.4 Seat reservations:

  1. Seat reservation is mandatory. Unless you reserve your seat in timely fashion, you will not be permitted to travel.
  2. Booking date: All seat reservations must be concluded latest at 48h before departure. On some routes during the tourist season, that period is 4 days before departure.
  3. Cancellations or alterations: You can cancel or alter your reservation by contacting one of our branches. Certain tickets that fall into special categories do not permit cancellations or alterations. Contact one of our branches for more info.
  4. Administrative fee: All alterations or cancellations are subject to reasonable administrative fee.

1.5 Changes to your ticket:

  1. Time limit for all changes: All changes can be made up to 48h before departure.
  2. How to make change for your ticket: All changes can be made in one of our branches or at the one of our business partners. All alterations are subject to reasonable administrative fee. Contact one of our branches for more info.
  3. Effects of changes: All changes will mean alteration of your contract with us. If your changes mean that the price of the ticket is higher than the previous one, you will have to pay additional difference in price. We don not refund already paid tickets.

2. Passenger obligations

2.1 Check your ticket:

All passengers must check their tickets at the time of purchase for possible errors. If you find them, please notify the person that issued it.

2.2 You must book your seat immediately

Our obligation is only to transport you to the officially published destinations and only when there are available seats on that line. Your obligation is to make sure you made reservations on time for any line on which you want to travel. We will not be liable if you are late with a reservation if you make a reservation after the noted deadline so that there are no more available lines during the validity of your ticket.

2.3 You must keep your ticket


2.4 You must carry your travel documents


2.5 Customs and immigration

  1. Immigration controls: When the bus is obliged to stop at any immigration, passport or customs checkpoint, the bus will wait for a reasonable period of time to ensure that all the usual checks are carried out. However, the bus will have no obligation to wait for any passengers who are detained or are delayed for any reason and will have the right to leave a reasonable time, leaving behind any detained or delayed passengers.
  2. Luggage control: If your luggage is removed from the bus for customs control, you will be responsible for the return of your luggage back in the trunk of the bus, alongside with the cart.
  3. Other border control: If we are obliged, in accordance with any applicable law, to provide detailed information about your name, address and other information related to your identity, your trip, and its objectives, you will be obligated, as it is a condition of your journey with us, to act in the accordance with this law.

3. Obligations of Serbia Tours International

3.1 Our obligation is to transport you

Our obligations are to transport you and your allowed luggage to travel destination provided with your ticket, in accordance with terms and conditions of travel and with any special conditions. We will make reasonable efforts to transport you to with lowest possible discomfort and unease.

3.2 We don't transport animals

We do not transport animals, pets or guide dogs (including guide dogs or dogs for the hearing impaired who are accompanied by blind or deaf people).

3.3 Timetables

Officially published timetables for any line are listed only approximately. We do not guarantee that any line or connecting line will start or finish at the scheduled, although we will make reasonable efforts within our control to minimize any interruption in your journey. In the event that our lines are delayed or canceled, we will use reasonable efforts to inform you of the delay and other alternative timetables as soon as practicable.

3.4 Our right to cancel

We reserve the right to change any timetables or suspend, cancel or terminate a line that has scheduled without any notice before or after you have booked seats on this line, as well as to provide alternative lines.

3.5 Our liability for cancellation and withdrawal of lines

  1. Our responsibility is limited to the stated in these Terms and Conditions: Except as provided in these terms and conditions of transport, we will not be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense suffered by you as a result of any cancellation or withdrawal of any line on our side, or any delayed line, or termination of any line, for any reason (including our breach of contract or negligence).
  2. There is no liability if you do not have a reservation: If we cancel or withdraw the line before it has started, and you do not have a reserved seat for this line, we will not bear any liability to you.
  3. Cancellation before the line started: If we cancel or withdraw the line before it had started, for reasons that have not been incurred due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control and you have reserved seats on the same line, our liability shall be the following:
    1. to transport you on the other line with available seats and if necessary extend the validity of your tickets
    2. perform proper alternative arrangements so that we can transport you to your destination on another bus, or other mode of transport that we consider appropriate; or
    3. to cancel the ticket and enable you to request a full refund of the ticket price. If part of the ticket was not used, or if the outer part of the return ticket was used, to refund 50% of the price.
  4. Cancellation after the line has started: If the line on which you are traveling started and ended before you arrived at your destination, for reasons that have not been incurred due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, our liability shall be the following:
    1. perform proper alternative arrangements so that we can transport you to your destination, by the means of other lines, carrier, bus, train, taxi or private car, which you will not unreasonably refuse; or
    2. to provide another bus as a substitute, which might not be of the same advertised quality; or
    3. pay a reasonable amount for the cost of setting up appropriate alternative arrangements for your destination, but no more than the cost of reasonable transportation to your destination.

3.6 We are not responsible for any circumstances beyond our control

We will not be liable for any delay or failure in your transport, or for breach of contract when it has incurred because of the situation that is beyond our reasonable control. The following shall be considered circumstances beyond our reasonable control: war or the possibility of war, accidents that cause delays on the lines, extremely bad weather conditions, fire and / or damage on travel routes, acting on orders of the police, customs and government interference, state officials and security services, death and traffic accidents, vandalism and terrorism, unforeseen traffic delays, strikes / workers' unrest, riots, problems that other passengers cause, buses withheld or delayed because of police officers, customs and civil servants, evidence that other countries may consider a reason to act on the grounds of national security, etc., bankruptcy, insolvency or suspension of operations of any carrier whose services we use, as well as other circumstances affecting passenger safety.

3.7 Death and personal injury

We do not exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury arising due to our negligence. Your statutory rights will be respected.

4. Refunds

4.1 Refunds when you do not want to use your ticket

If you do not want to use your one way or return ticket, but not the multiple-ride ticket, we will offer refund under following conditions:

  1. When you cancel your trip at least 48 hours prior to your first trip: If you have not used ticket for the first trip allowed by your ticket and your request for a refund is made not later than 48 hours before the departure time of your first trip, we will refund 75% of the price ticket. This is applicable to one way and return ticket.
  2. When you cancel your trip within 48 hours before departure, but not less than 6 hours before your first journey: If you have not used your ticket for the first trip and if your request for a refund was submitted less than 48 hours before and not less than 6 hours before the departure time of the first trip, we will reimburse 50% of the price. This is applicable to one way and return ticket.
  3. When you cancel your trip 6 hours before departure: You are not eligible for a refund


Note: Bear in mind that, unless there are some special conditions, you are not eligible for a refund in the case where departure date of pre-purchased ticket has passed and you haven't used your ticket.

4.2 General rules for refunds

In situations where we agree or where we are obligated to provide a refund, we will do so under following conditions::

  1. You must apply for a refund: You must apply personally for a refund and, if requested, you must provide evidence of your identity and purchases. If you have a ticket that covers more than one person, the request for refund must be submitted by all such persons. You will be entitled to a refund only if you have paid the price to be refunded.
  2. Where you need to apply for a refund: You must apply for a refund in writing directly to our central office - Srbija Tours International Ltd., Lička 3 street, Belgrade, 11000 Serbia.
  3. You must return your ticket: When you apply for a refund, you must return us your ticket no later than 28 days after your application. We are not obligated to carry out the refund until you return us the ticket.

5. Luggage

5.1 Permitted luggage

We will transport your luggage in accordance with these Conditions of Transport and any applicable special conditions. You have the right to enter the bus with one or two medium-sized suitcases or backpack (maximum dimensions of 30 x 70 x 20cm and 30kg weight), and one small carry-on luggage. Permitted luggage varies depending on the bus. In this case, cabin baggage means something that can be placed in the cargo area above the seat or under the seat. We will not be obliged to transport luggage which exceeds the allowed limit.

5.2 Prohibitied items for transport

  1. Prohibited luggage: We are not obligated to transport any of the following items, and they are not allowed to enter the bus without our permission: any weapons, drugs or fluids (other than medicaments), wheelchair batteries or scooters, baby carriage, strollers, bicycles, skis and surf boards, any other items or substances that are not permitted for carriage under the law of any country through which the bus passes. Items that may cause injury or damage to property, objects which we believe to be unsuitable for carriage because of its weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or volatile, as well as objects with sharp or protruding edges.
  2. What happens if you bring along prohibited luggage: If you bring with you any of these items on the bus, they can be removed from the bus as soon as we discover them. We will leave them outside of the bus, wherever that might be. If you have any doubt whether you can take any particular item, you should provide our written confirmation before you buy the ticket. If you bring any prohibited item on the bus or to the station, we will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered from these items for any reason.

5.3 Packaging and luggage labeling

You must pack up all your belongings in safe and secure fashion, under lock. It must be packed in a way so no interference or harm can come to your belongings. Your luggage also mustn't interfere with our services, property or other passengers belongings. You must label your luggage with information about the owner - name, address and phone, your destination, including any tag that we offer during the check-in. We will not be obligated to transport any luggage that was not properly packaged or labeled.

5.4 Luggage control

We reserve the right to control all of your luggage and, upon request, the right to search through it in order to secure that it complies with stated regulations. We will not be obliged to transport you or your luggage, and we will have the right to remove you from any bus if you refuse to submit to checks.

5.5 Luggage storage

All luggage, other than hand-held, will be placed in the trunk of the bus. It is not allowed in the passenger compartment of the bus.

5.6 Boarding into a bus

You are responsible carrying your luggage in and out of the trunk. Our drivers have an obligation to carry your luggage and any decision to do so constitutes upon a driver discretion. It is your responsibility to check whether your luggage was brought into or removed from the bus, or checked at any station where there is a checkpoint. Keep an eye on your luggage at all times, including all stations, as well as hand luggage while you are on the bus.

5.7 Valuable and important items

Valuable items shouldn't be placed in the cargo area but should be taken with you as hand luggage. The valuable items include cash, drugs, jewelry, precious metals, laptop computers, personal electrical appliances, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports, visas, ticket and personal documents. Valuable items can be placed in the cargo area above the seat or under the seat, but you need to pay attention to them. When possible, always carry valuables with you.

5.8 Lost luggage and left behind luggage

  1. Our liability for left behind luggage: If you forget or lose your luggage on the bus or at the station, we will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the luggage for any reason.
  2. We'll put the forgotten luggage in the warehouse: If you find your luggage on the bus or at the station will place it at the site we choose, and we will take reasonable care of that luggage. We can charge an administrative fee for storage and return of your forgotten or lost luggage.
  3. Our rights with forgotten luggage: If you do not collect the forgotten or lost luggage within one month after we find it, we can dispose of your luggage in any way we see fit, including the destruction or sale, and we will have the right to keep the money from sales. We will also have the right to open and examine the forgotten or lost luggage. If we consider that some items are dangerous, volatile or otherwise unsuitable for storage, we shall have the right to immediately destroy these items.

6. Passenger behavior

6.1 Code of conduct

Passengers are required to behave reasonable, considerate and in accordance with the law, on the bus or in the station. If our staff make modifications in relation to the availability of certain seats reserved for disabled travelers, passengers will have to comply. When using mobile phones, keep in mind the comfort of other passengers. It is forbidden: to be violent or to threaten any officer or another person; or behave in such a way that you can bring yourself or anyone else in danger while on the bus or the bus station. It is forbidden to interfere with the driver, crew, officials or employees in the performance of their duties or refuse to proceed according to their instructions. It is forbidden to behave in a manner that would cause discomfort, damage or injury to other persons.

6.2 Denial of service

In accordance to law:

  1. The carrier is not obliged to accept a person for whom it can reasonably be assumed that he will disable the carrier in the performance of his obligations towards other passengers. This group may include persons under the influence of alcohol, abusers and the like.
  2. The carrier may, without the obligation to refund the fare, exclude from the carriage of passengers who, by their behavior, disturbs other travelers, or who does not comply with the rules on public policy in the vehicle during the journey.