Booking instructions

Serbia Tours International has introduced new online booking system which enables our online visitors to easily book and buy their tickets. In this document, we will show you how easy is to book your tickets.

Ticket types

Our system enables you to buy two types of tickets: one-way tickets and roundtrip tickets.

Booking process

Our booking process is composed of few simple steps:

  1. Setting up dates and locations
  2. Selecting appropriate tickets
  3. Line and departure time selection, booking information
  4. Optional - online payment
  5. End of purchase

Setting up dates and locations

step one instructions


  1. Select ticket direction (One way or Roundtrip).
  2. Select boarding city.
  3. Select destination city.
  4. Select departure date.
  5. Only if you have selected direction: Roundtrip, you can select return date.

The first step during your booking process is availability check for your tickets. After you select starting point and destination, you need to select a date when you wish to depart and, in the case of a return ticket, a date when you wish to travel back. The calendar will show you available dates with darker font color.

When you are satisfied with your choice, press "Next step" button.

Please note: Serbia Tours International performs only international passenger transport. You will not be allowed to pick starting point and destination that are both within the same country.

Selecting appropriate tickets

step two instructions


  1. Select passenger category ( Devided by age for calculating ticket prices ).
  2. Add one passenger to display.
  3. Remove last passenger from display if you want.
  4. Display of all passengers with categories. Maximum number of passengers is seven.

On this screen you should pick a category for each passenger. Categories are divided by passengers age, so that the online reservation system could calculate ticket prices. After you have selected desired number of passengers with categories, you should click "Next step" button.

Selecting departure line and time, and booking information

step three instructions


  1. Select line and departure time.
  2. Display of ticket direction, return date, city and departure time, arrival city and time, currently available seats.
  3. Display of all passengers with their ticket categories.

If you are booking roundtrip tickets, you will have departure line and time selection four your return trip.

step four instructions


  1. Only if roundtrip is selected, you can select line and return time.
  2. Display of ticket direction, departure date, city and departure time, arrival city and time, currently available seats.
  3. Display of all passengers with their ticket categories and prices.
  4. Display of total price tax included in RSD (Serbian dinars).

After you select appropriate tickets, you need to fill in your personal details. This screen is split into two main parts:

  1. Line and departure time selection, and booking details
  2. Personal details

Line and departure time selection, and booking details

Your choice from previous two screens is summed up in the upper part of the screen and they will show up after you have selected line and departure time.

Personal details

You need to fill in a form on this screen with your information. All fields marked with asterisk are required.

After you fill in all of your information, our system will ask you to check once again if you have entered everything correctly.

Payment options

At the moment, we offer three payment options:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit card payment

If you have selected cash as your payment option, our staff will contact you to confirm your order. After successful confirmation, you will pay your ticket after you board our bus.

The best way to book and buy your ticket is by paying for it with your credit card. Our payment gateway is provided by Banca Intesa Serbia, which guarantees the safety of your transactions. At the moment we accept only Master Card, Maestro and Visa cards. After you select this option, you will be redirected to Banca Intesa payment gateway where you will complete your transaction.

Payment problems?

If you have experienced payment problems with our system, please check the following:

  • Is your card approved for Internet transactions?
  • Do you have enough funds on your account?
  • Are you using cards supported by our system - Master Card, Maestro or Visa?
  • If your card requires additional online verification, please check if you have completed that procedure in a way your bank has provided.

If you have answered YES to all of these cases and transaction is still denied, please take a moment to send us an e-mail with a description of your problem, time and date of your attempted transaction. Our staff will help you to complete your booking, while your information will help us to correct the issue with our system.

Successful checkout

After you complete your booking/purchase, our system will send you an email with additional information.

If you have just booked your ticket, without payment, our staff will contact you to confirm your ticket. In the case that you cannot be reached at provided email or phone number, your booking will not be guaranteed.

We wish you a pleasant journey!