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    The reservation implies that each card for which cash is specified for payment method stipulated, that is, the payment method. payment on the bus upon departure. Upon your reservation, our staff will contact you by phone or e-mail for confirmation. Only after this step has been made will your reservation be valid.


    You can also buy bus tickets with us through your payment cards. This will ensure your tickets and seats on the bus. Upon completion of the transaction, the system will show you purchase information, and if all went smoothly, you will also receive a payment confirmation on the e-mail. Without a receipt of payment, your place is not reserved.

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    STI has branches in Serbia and Germany. For ticket purchases, reservations and additional information, please contact our nearest branch office.

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    You can follow news, promotions, actions, etc. via our Facebook page. You can also contact us via Facebook for information, while reservations are made exclusively through the site or by phone.

    Our fleet

    All our buses have chargers for phones and portable devices of 220V and 12V. Our fleet has 18 tour buses, mainly SETRA DT 431, HDH 417, GTHD 417. A luggage trailer is attached to the bus as needed.
    Srbija Tours International

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    Serbia Tours International Ltd., renowned carrier for Germany and Italy. Highly professional service, convenient, safe and fast. On a daily basis, we transport passengers from all major Serbian cities to the major cities of Germany and Italy. With our luxury buses, carefully selected crew and with the lowest ticket prices, you will be comfortable and secure to reach your destination. A full 20 years of experience is our biggest recommendation
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